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San Ceferino

Ruta 6 kilometer 169.5

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San Ceferino Featuring a spa and wellness centre, San Ceferino Hotel and Spa is situated in Open Door. The property has an inside and an outdoor pool, a fitness centre and a sauna. There is free WiFi access. Rooms at San Ceferino are comfortably furnished.

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Min. price: 146 €
Max. price: 146 €
Rooms available8 rooms

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Ruta 6 kilometer 169.5, Santa Coloma,  san-ceferino_ar_ruta-km

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About this location

Santa Coloma

santa-coloma Photo Santa Coloma may refer to:

Gaspar de Santa Coloma (1742–1815), Spanish Argentine businessman
Santa Coloma d'Andorra, village in AndorraChurch of Santa Coloma d'Andorra, within the village
FC Santa Coloma, football club within the village
UE Santa Coloma, football club within the villageSanta Coloma, Asturias, village in Asturias, Spain
Santa Coloma de Gramenet, town in Barcelones, Catalonia
Santa Coloma de Queralt, town in Conca de Barbera, Catalonia
Santa Coloma de Farners, town in Selva, Catalonia
Santa Coloma, La Rioja, village in La Rioja, Spain
Santa Coloma de Cervello, town in Baix Llobregat, Catalonia"

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